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For those students who have completed their doctorate program in order to obtain a doctorate in clinical research, a Yale Medicine thesis may represent their first taste of tenure as a researcher. Beginning with the Yale School of Medical School (YSMC) graduating class of 2020, the YSM Office of Graduate Studies and the YSM Cushing/Whitney Clinical Research Library have collaborated on the YMTDL project, publishing all clinical research documents on the YMTDL website as a worthwhile result of student research efforts at Yale. It has given many Yale students a glimpse into their academic future and provided an opportunity for them to practice some creative and original writing skills.

The first clinical research projects that took place in the YSM Clinical Research Library were focused on pediatricians and the effects that they had on children. The projects centered on how their teaching techniques and patient-centered practices influenced children and their attitudes towards doctors. The projects also focused on how doctors and their families impacted patients’ health through their treatment decisions. Ultimately, the projects revealed how doctors were affected by the type of patient they treated, as well as how children’s views and experiences affected the doctors and their care of patients.

After a successful YSM Clinical Research Project, there was a need to develop a template for a clinical research project. This required an in depth review of existing guidelines, as well as an attempt at developing new guidelines to better fit the clinical research studies that students would be participating in. This review also led to the implementation of a new format for presenting clinical research reports and clinical research data, including the adoption of a standardized format for the document’s title and abstract.

In addition to a revised format and titles for all clinical research documents, Yale faculty have also made several other changes to the website, such as the implementation of a FAQ section and a schedule for submission. In the FAQ section, students will have the chance to answer frequently asked questions, such as what resources will be used to prepare their documentation and what type of payment methods are accepted.

In addition to the changes to the website, Yale has also implemented a system of peer-review, in which YSM students submit their clinical research project to a review committee comprised of faculty from different departments at Yale. This is used to weed out unnecessary papers, ensuring that the best project is accepted for submission.

Although the YSM review committee is independent, each paper is evaluated individually and no one committee review is used to assess the work of any individual YSM student. The final decision on acceptance is always made by the faculty in charge of the clinical research project and can be subject to review by a separate committee, if necessary.

In terms of money, the committee accepts projects that have been submitted by graduate students with a stipend of no more than $200, depending on the size of the project and the number of pages. Students must also include information about their research and any references when submitting their papers.

The committee also reviews all papers that are submitted to ensure that they adhere to strict guidelines, so that only the best projects will be accepted for the library. This includes ensuring that all papers follow recognized research methodology, including the use of appropriate terminology and proper formatting.

As previously mentioned, each paper is reviewed individually by the review committee before the project is accepted. Only the best projects are accepted to the library and will be kept in an archive of all accepted papers, ensuring that future researchers can access them. Any additional or new papers that are approved are archived in the same way, making it possible for future researchers to access and read the more recent work on the same topic.

All submissions of documents are due at the beginning of each semester, and students who fail to submit their projects by the deadline may not be able to access their projects during the term. Once all projects are accepted, the library makes its own editorial review process of the documents and ensures that the papers are of the highest quality and reflect the intended purpose of the project.

As stated, this is only the third year that the university’s digital library has been operating. The other two were the first and second years, when there was only a limited amount of online access, respectively.

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