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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Wall Street Journal columnist and one of the leading economic thinkers on the American political scene, has recently published a paper with the distinguished Harvard historian Edward Gibbon entitled, “The Medical Imperialism thesis”. In this highly-acclaimed article, Dr. Roberts lays out and defends his thesis that the US has been engaged in massive medical crimes against humanity all over the world, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The thesis is based upon research that Dr. Roberts has done on medical care. These findings have been consistent since he has researched the issue. He has found that the US has not only been implicated in these crimes through the US military but has also provided funding to the international terrorist organizations that are involved in killing innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the rest of the world.

In addition to this, the United States has been implicated in such activities as the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999 and the war in Iraq. It is the international terrorist groups that are involved in the US wars and the bombings of civilian populations all over the world.

Dr. Roberts believes that such acts of violence are not done by international terrorists or insurgents but by those that work within the US Government or who are funded by the State Department. They are part of the Empire of the United States and they have been very active in this nation’s foreign policy for the last fifteen years or so.

The reason for this is that the State Department is one of the most influential agencies in the world and is the key agency for shaping the policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund as well as the World Trade Organization. All of these agencies are in charge of the world’s economies and these are all controlled by the World Bank.

Therefore, any policy or action which is decided on by the World Bank is also in the interest of the United States and therefore, is in the interests of the American people and it is therefore the interests of the United States State itself. These are the policies that have led to the deaths of millions of innocent civilians all over the world and which have caused the collapse of economic systems throughout the world and which have also resulted in the loss of human life on an unimaginable scale.

What this has done is that the Empire of the United States has been exposed as being involved in war crimes, terrorism and crimes against humanity. The people who work within the State Department and within the Empire of the United States are the ones responsible for these wars. And the people who work for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are the ones who are benefiting from the policy and actions of these governments which have caused more death and destruction than any other in the history of mankind.

This is what Dr. Roberts refers to as the “Imperialists vs. Oppressors” paradigm. This is the paradigm where those who have benefitted from the criminal acts of Empire and those who are the victims of it are those who are the Imperialists. The United States is at war with its own citizens; the United States is at war with its enemies; the United States is at war with its international bankers; and the United States is at war with those who have stolen their wealth and are in control of the world.

Thus the United States of America and its people are the victims and the Empire of the United States and its bankers are the perpetrators. There are many other examples of this kind of Empire at work around the world and Dr. Roberts has shown why it is that the United States is the victim while the people of the World are the perpetrators.

However, the main point to note is that there are no good Imperialists or bad Imperialists; only good or evil Empire. The Empire of the United States is doing its best to make sure that the lives of all its citizens are saved and that the lives of all its enemies are not lost.

Unfortunately, however, many are willing to label as Imperialists any of those who work in the United States Government or who are funded by the State Department. and they are willing to label those who are against such an empire as evil and to think that they are supporting the evil Empire of the United States; while they are actually supporting the good Empire.

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