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A Yale medical library thesis is a collection of data that are used in the research for your thesis. It is usually comprised of three parts. One is the study, the second is the analysis and the third is the synthesis. The final part of your thesis consists of the results and this is where the dissertation writer will come into his own.

It is common to hear that one’s doctorate program at Yale requires one to do an analysis of the results and if one does not know how, then he may wish to take up writing a thesis. Analysis of the results is quite difficult and takes some time. However, with practice, it is possible to get this done and with all the knowledge that one has learnt in school, then the analysis is much easier.

Doctorate writing is an area where the thesis writer should be well versed. As mentioned, there are many areas of analysis. But if one only knows one area of analysis and one area alone, then that is what he should focus on, since it is that which the reader needs to know.

Another important area of analysis is that of the cause and effects of an experiment. The thesis writer should be able to demonstrate that his hypothesis is correct and that there have been no problems or changes in the data. He should also show the reader that there is a direct relationship between the hypothesis and the data. If not, then it is clear that something else is causing the problems and it is up to the thesis writer to find out the real reason and put it right.

A thesis can be a bit on the technical side but this is often due to lack of knowledge of the subject matter. It is always better to be prepared by reading up on the subject before tackling it.

Analysis of the results is the main part of a thesis and the thesis writer must not forget this as it is one of the most important aspects of the thesis. It is where the thesis writer comes into his own as he analyzes the data, tries to see what he can learn from the data and then makes the argument that supports his thesis and gives it support.

Data analysis should always be a two way street. For example, if one is taking a sample from a study on the relationship between cholesterol levels and HDL or High Density Lipoprotein and then it is not advisable to do a correlation analysis, because the results will need to be cross checked with another set of data from another study. Similarly, if one is going to show that one type of blood pressure medication does not raise the blood pressure and another does then there is a need to show the results of another analysis. The conclusion should always show the link between the two sets of data and prove the correlation and not just show the direct relation.

A good thesis also needs to be written in a style that it looks easy to understand and does not make the student look like he is confusing the reader or that he cannot be understood. The main point should be that the thesis is supporting the research that he has carried out and does not appear to have an agenda of its own. The thesis should be simple and clear, and it should make one feel that he has followed a proven method to reach his conclusions. All this is taken care of by careful planning and attention to detail.

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