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If you are a recent high school graduate who is interested in taking college courses that will help you prepare for a career in medicine, consider completing a medical engineering thesis. Thesis programs with the option to specialize in a number of disciplines within biomedical and mechanical engineering are available at many colleges across the country. The Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering, or MD&A, offers three graduate and undergraduate degree programs: mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and biomedical engineering.

For an advanced doctorate degree in engineering the program concentrates on a research-oriented approach and incorporates the application of engineering principles to real life problems. Some areas where engineering can be applied to the clinical setting include prosthetic implants, energy conversion and storage systems, solid state electronic devices, and mechanical design. Students choose a thesis topic and design the technical documentation that supports the project. After the thesis, the students complete their doctorate and receive a doctorate degree in engineering.

An associate’s doctorate program focuses on the study of applied mechanical, and electrical engineering principles. The study is typically divided into two categories: one-year and two-year programs. Students may elect a specific area of focus for their program, or they may choose to take an elective course to supplement their studies.

A senior level, master’s level, or PhD degree is a higher academic degree. A doctoral degree is a Doctorate of Medicine (PhD) from an accredited medical school. All doctoral programs are intended to train and educate future health care professionals and conduct research in relevant fields of medicine.

For those with interests beyond medicine, there are numerous doctoral programs in medical technology or in education. These programs involve research and development work and the development of diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive medical technologies, as well as educational programs. Theses on these two areas often have more specialized areas of specialization than doing doctorate degrees in medical engineering and aerospace.

There are also doctoral programs in nursing. Nursing is a highly specialized field and not all professionals in this field are in nursing schools. Those who want to further their studies in this field should obtain a doctorate degree in nursing from an approved institution.

As an entry-level career in the medical profession, a doctorate program in engineering, biomedical, or biomedical technology is an excellent way to gain exposure to the medical profession. It is also the only degree required to work in some hospitals and physicians’ offices. Doctoral degrees allow a student to specialize or pursue a special interest area, such as biomedical engineering or biotechnology. There are also programs in health management and administration, information systems, computer sciences, or clinical nursing that offer additional training in the specialty areas of their choice.

The decision to pursue a doctorate degree is important. By choosing a doctorate program, a student has the ability to earn a nationally-recognized and respected degree, that can open doors to more career opportunities and increase his or her pay rate. Graduates of this level of study will have higher starting salaries in the health care industry and will often have access to lucrative jobs within the pharmaceutical industry. Once in the job market, graduates are able to provide a wealth of knowledge to doctors and administrators, which translate directly into a higher salary and a better lifestyle.

After completing the doctorate degree, a medical engineer or biomedical engineer can continue with their career in academia. They can find professors willing to teach their research in graduate schools. Thesis and dissertations may also be offered for publication. In addition to teaching and writing, students will have the chance to apply what they have learned in the program.

Thesis or dissertations must be submitted to an accredited university, college, or university before being awarded a doctorate degree. Thesis and dissertations will be accepted by the university but it is up to the student if he or she will publish the thesis.

A doctorate degree in engineering, biomedical engineering, or biomedical engineering opens many doors for those who choose to pursue a career in engineering. With the rising costs of medical services and supplies, an engineer could have a career in product design, medical supply companies, or even in the pharmaceutical industry, which often requires additional training.

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